Welcome to My Muthahood!

Yeah…Anita Renfroe may or may not have influenced my decision to name my blog “One Sassy Mutha.”  That, and the fact that “Fat, Sassy Bitch” was already taken.  If you are a mom and haven’t seen her video before, check it out at the bottom of this page.  She is freakin’ hilarious!

Anyway, welcome to my blog.  I mainly created this to have a place to write down my WTF moments in life, which seem to happen on the daily.  I can’t say that I am capturing them so much for posterity’s sake, but perhaps someday when I am older, (my son already contends that I am ancient at 46…a virtual crypt keeper) I will be able to look back on this point and time and laugh at some of the memories I am making and sharing with each of you.  And perhaps along the way, I will find that indeed I am not alone in some if not most of my WTF moments.

So here’s to a beautiful friendship, filled with humor, craziness, and sarcasm, all handled with a glass of wine if we’re lucky!  See you in the days ahead in the Muthahood!    –OSM


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